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Pet boarding house

Daj Šapu

Pleasant stay║Organizing daily activities║Medical care
And many more professional services we provide to your pets!


Safe keeping and regular bathing


Regular nutrition and medical care


Pleasant stay in a home atmosphere

Dog sitting services


15€ /24h
  • One day and overnight stay
  • DISCOUNT over 10 days
  • Bathing and haircut are not included in the price
  • Transportation outside Podgorica is not included in the price
  • Schedule keeping NOW or book on hold for longer than 7 days!


10€ /24h
  • One day and overnight stay
  • DISCOUNT over 10 days
  • Bathing and combing are not included in the price
  • Schedule a safe keeping NOW!

Daj Šapu offers you services...

- Bathing and haircuts for pets
- Transport dogs
- Socialization of dogs
- Dressage
- Owner education

Pansion za kućne ljubimce Daj Šapu

About Us

Pet boarding house Daj Šapu has been caring for dogs, cats and other pets in the territory of Podgorica and beyond for a long time. We organize custody, as well as top care and care for your pet while you are on vacation, on a business trip or simply busy with your duties.

With us, animals are not isolated, so Daj Šapu does not keep animals in boxes or cages, but your dog will stay in a pleasant home atmosphere, surrounded by an immediate new family. For your four-legged pets, we organize regular feeding, walks and play in the yard, we take care of their health, and we organize a number of other daily activities.
We have recently started providing pet bathing and grooming services.

Daj Šapu provides everything to make our pets feel at home and their owners to be satisfied with the service provided.
See some of the recommendations of our satisfied clients. Call us now and schedule your pet care.

Photos & Our guests

Look at the photos from our guesthouse 🐶
Meet some of our dear guests ❤️


Pansion za kućne ljubimce Daj Šapu

Billy and I are really close. He is my big crush. However, my absence is not noticed when I leave him in the care of Daj Šapu boarding house. He feels at home there. He spends time in the yard playing with other dogs. He is fed and bathed regularly. I spend my holidays relaxed knowing that Billy is in safe hands. All praise for the pension 🐾

Pansion za kućne ljubimce Daj Šapu

I am often on business trips. That's why I left my pet several times in the guesthouse Daj Šapu. They provide excellent babysitting service and take complete care of my four-legged friend. I would especially like to point out the large yard for walking and playing. I highly recommend the services of Daj Šapu boarding house to everyone who has to be separated from their dog for a while.

Pansion za kućne ljubimce Daj Šapu

I was forced to be separated from my sweet pet cat Merlin for a couple of days. I came across the website of the guesthouse Daj Šapu and decided to trust them. I didn't make a mistake. Merlin was well looked after, looked after and pampered. The pension staff is extremely friendly and they are very responsible, in one word wonderful! That's why I recommend their services with great pleasure.


Pavla Mijovića 57,
Donja Gorica
81000 Podgorica